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Cheddar Cheeses

Chipotle Cheddar.jpg
Chipotle Cheddar - NEW

A wonderful chipotle flavor with a mild smoked flavor!

Comes in 8 oz bars

Apple Cinnamon Cheddar - Holiday Flavor

Apple, cinnamon, and cheddar flavor for your holiday gatherings!

Comes in 8 oz bars

Horseradish Cheddar - New Flavor

Made with fresh horseradish

Comes in 8 oz bars

Maple Smoked Cheddar - Perfect for the Holiday Season!

A 1 year cheddar cold smoked with Maple bricks.

Comes in 8oz bars

1 year cheddar label.PNG
Sharp 1 Year Cheddar

Try our 1 year sharp cheddar. One of our top selling favorites!

~ Comes in 8oz bars, 7lb blocks, or 10lb bags of shredded cheese

3 year Cheddar label.PNG
Extra Sharp 3 Year Cheddar

Aged to perfection for 3 years

~ Comes in 8oz bars, 7lb blocks, or 10lb bags of shredded cheese

Panhandle Trio Blend labe.PNG
Panhandle Trio Blend

This is an all time favorite of Brad's with a buttery gouda, a nutty parm and a cheddar brought together to make the perfectly blend and aged to perfection.

~ Comes in 8oz bars, or 7lb blocks

Bacon Smoked Cheddar label.PNG
Bacon Smoked Cheddar

Smokey bacon flavor. One of the favorites!

~ Comes in 8oz bars or 7 lb blocks

Huckleberry Cheddar label.png
Huckleberry Cheddar

One of a kind! It's what the North country is known for!

~ Comes in 8oz bars

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