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September Farms Yogurt

The farm fresh milk is put into vats, pasteurized, cultured, and incubated for the right amount of time to make a delicious yogurt. It is then put into smaller vessels and the homemade fruit puree added to it and stirred in. Then it is run through an automatic bottler which fills and seals each cup. After that it is boxed up and distributed to stores for you to enjoy. It is a natural creamy homestyle yogurt that is low in sugar! Yummy goodness in every bite!

There are 6 delicious flavors and 2 different sizes - 6 oz and 32 oz
Peach yogurt.JPG
Vanilla Yogurt.JPG
Blueberry Yogurt.JPG
Raspberry Yougurt.jpg
Strawberry yogurt.JPG
Plain Yogurt.jpg
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